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2010 - 2019


Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 14th Oct 2018 - Bournemouth Airsoft Events Quick Reference Dates Don’t forget to book! Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 30th Sept 2018- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 28th  Oct 2018 - Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 11th Nov 2018- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday  25th  Nov 2018- Bournemouth


Airsoft is one of the world's fastest growing combat days out.  Fight for objectives with your team  in realistic scenarios using a 1:1 scale replica weapon.  Use these weapons to tag your enemies  with a 6mm BB  to eliminate them from the game. With the realism  of these weapons and fully automatic capability, there will be no doubt that this sport is better than paintball or any laser based game.  The action doesn’t just stop with these weapons, as you can use a wide arsenal of pyrotechnics or grenades to bring the fight to your enemies.  Use your own kit or hire ours if you’re a newcomer.  Either way, check out our membership deals  to visit us again and again for ultimate adrenaline sport.  


Many companies offer airsoft events and the application of the weapons themselves can vary greatly.  Some site operators offer paintball style games where teams will be offered simple objectives such as capturing flags.  We take the level of simulation and push it to it’s limits with 24hr fully immersive games (at the top end of the scale), while our more accessible walk-on events will always offer structure and military detail, but without it being overwhelming for newer players.   Whether it be the format of orders or the nature of the objective, our walk-on events offer something very unique.  The game site has been constructed for realistic touches from war zones past to present with terrain that demands team work and good patrol skills.


CONTACT FRONT runs regular events for a variety of markets.  From MILSIM, to walk-on, team training, corporate and stag days.  Our MILSIM events feature some of the most prestigious and unique venues in the UK and offer high-level immersion and realism under the supervision of Directing Staff. The DS backgrounds range from serving military, ex-military and Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers.  Over the years events and courses have seen instruction from members of 22 Special Air Service, Pathfinder Platoon & other members of 16 Air Assault Brigade,  Royal Marines, Royal Navy and various other army regiments and corps (both regular and reservist).   We put a heavy emphasis on combining training phases with live ops, so that candidates are trained by instructors that have “walked-the-walk” rather than only “talk-the-talk”, equipping them to carry out any task in any operation.

“We create events where ex-military personnel can recreate the camaraderie and professionalism of their service days while imparting knowledge and respect to civilians in a learning environment.”

“This is a sport that promotes fitness in an age where most young persons can only experience such simulation on an  X-Box.”

GET STARTED You don’t have to own your own equipment to attend an event.  We hold events every 2 weeks on Sundays where anyone can attend.  These are known as walk-on events as players are welcome to just “walk on” as opposed to booking.  Though it may sound casual, a registration process and full  safety brief will take place prior to anyone participating in an event.  Unlike many companies, we do not charge for the rental of equipment.  This really helps to keep the cost down when getting into the sport and makes it very accessible to new comers.  There are rules regarding the purchase of your own weapon and these will be explained below.  Attending an airsoft event is an important first step in becoming eligible to purchase your own weapon and UKARA (UK Airsoft Retailers Association) registered sites like CONTACT FRONT, will ensure you’re on the path to registration and more importantly doing it legally.  Contact us to book onto our next event!

“It’s all about fun while developing confidence and team work abilities.  You can take the sport as seriously as you wish, but the most important element is that it’s an environment where those that want to learn - can.”

GET REGISTERED CONTACT FRONT is a UKARA registered game site.  This means that members who attend our events are eligible to purchase RIFs (Real Imitation Firearms) as opposed to Imitation Firearms which by law must be at least 50% a specified bright colour.  To become eligible, you must attend the minimum amount of required gamedays stipulated by UKARA, which is “3 times in no less that 2 months”.  Your games will be recorded and then you may apply through us for registration on the UKARA database which all recognised retailers will be able to access.  Without a registration number and membership, you will not be eligible for the sale of RIFs.  It is a common misconception that UKARA membership is a license for RIFs - it is not.  It is a defence under the Violent Crime Reduction Act, where the applicable legislation is derived.  This legislation is not derived from the Firearms Act, however, this does cover the threshold for which airsoft and air weapons will be classed as a firearm.  For more information about UKARA registration, please ask during your next visit to our game site!