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2010 - 2019


Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 14th Oct 2018 - Bournemouth Airsoft Events Quick Reference Dates Don’t forget to book! Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 30th Sept 2018- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 28th  Oct 2018 - Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 11th Nov 2018- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday  25th  Nov 2018- Bournemouth

BOURNEMOUTH Exercise & Training Area              



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CONTACT FRONT’s woodland airsoft site offers jungle warfare style woodland gaming with CQB elements style walk-on Skirmish days in the Bournemouth area.  Fight up fortified hilltops, barbed wire lines and patrol through valleys to meet challenging objectives against enemy forces.  At Contact Front, you will experience a wide a variety of challenging missions, from calling in fire missions, to extracting casualties under fire. 1 single day can provide many different gaming styles depending on what you as the player prefer.  Either charge trench positions and capture hilltops aggressively as  team or quietly stalk through mangrove style swamps as you line up for that perfect shot at the enemy.  Whatever your style, we can deliver. Especially, with our CQB Forward Operating Base!  

The day is divided into 2 halves and players will return to the carpark for lunch after gaming during the morning.  Our walk-on events offer short scenarios in various different areas of the site and allow players of all abilities to game at a pace they are comfortable with.

We are a small game site and provide friendly events in what some describe as more like a members club.  One of the most common points of feedback is how friendly and welcoming the DS and players are to newcomers.  So if you’ve never played before, we’ll do our best to make you feel welcome.  We have an excellent community of players and members and welcome anyone new to join us.  

Biodegradable rounds only (available on site)

Hot burning pyro permitted (Enola Gaye, TLSFX)

The Sangar Shop

At our game site, you’ll find the Sangar shop.  Here we have everything you’ll need for a day at our site.  We offer various weights of ammunition, green gas, pyrotechnics, eye protection, coveralls, tac-vests, drinks, chocolate bars and hire weapons.  We provide tea and coffee (free of charge) and a hot lunch is also available to purchase.  Don’t hesitate to message us if you any particular requirements or specific items.  If you have any specific allergies or dietary requirements, please let us know.

FREE Hire Weapons (When Booked)

At CONTACT FRONT, we believe in making airsoft accessible to new players.  It takes time to become eligible to purchase you own weapon, and that interim period can be expensive.  When you game with us, we do not charge to hire a rifle or any items of equipment such as face protection and coveralls.  Therefore, if you’re new to airsoft, you will only pay for your walk-on fee and for ammo (don’t forget to book your weapon!).  This also serves as a valuable customer service point for experienced gamers.  

Ever had to leave a game early because your weapon malfunctioned? Our guarantee to our players is that if we have a spare rental weapon available, we will lend it to you free of charge to get you back in the fight.  Not many sites offer this!  For more information on our hire equipment, click here.

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