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2010 - 2019


Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 7th April 2019 - Bournemouth Airsoft Events Quick Reference Dates Don’t forget to book! Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 24th  MAR 2019- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 21st  APR 2019 - Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 5th MAY 2019- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday  19th   MAY 2019- Bournemouth
AIRSOFT EQUIPMENT HIRE  CONTACT FRONT offers outstanding hire equipment for individuals that are new  to airsoft or have not got their own kit.  We offer the following as a standard package:

Hecklar & Koch G36C

Used by the military and law enforcement

around the world, the G36c is a world class

rifle.  This exact replica is capable of both

repetition and fully automatic fire, while

being extremely accurate.  The “C” or

carbine version is particularly effective

for urban operations with it’s short barrel

length and folding stock.

Colt M4

This replica of the 5.56mm carbine

is another world famous favourite of the

police and military.  This weapon is by far

one of the most  ubiquitous and useful for

operations at CONTACT FRONT.  Features

a high rate of automatic fire and highly

accurate on repetition.

Full Face Protection and Tactical Vest

For every event, we issue full face protection

as standard.  With  mesh goggles, steamed up

lenses are not an issue like paintball goggles.