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2010 - 2019


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Date: May, July - Dates TBC

Location: Bournemouth & Leicester

Duration: 0800hrs Sat - 1300hrs Sun

Hosted:   Contact Front

Operational Overview

Following Operation Ice Arrow, Operation Cold Star picks up the skill sets relevant to Counter Terrorism and Aviation Interception, taking them to advanced levels.  Emphasis on this course is MOE (Method of Entry) training and working at height.  Day 1 will see candidates train in a number of disciplines on a Boeing 737 in Bournemouth.  The culmination of this training will a real-time “live” op, where candidates will be taken to a situation unfolding on a Boeing 747.  This is a full size aircraft in an airside environment and not a cut down training aircraft.  The course will be responsible for the intel gathering/recce, all operational planning and assault phases on the aircraft.  The live op will last for around 8 hours throughout the night and will put candidates through their paces, allowing them to demonstrate skills learned during the training phase.  In that 8 hours, anything can happen.  Candidates will fulfil all necessary roles for this operation including: Snipers, Ops room, assault teams and POW handling/Yankee muster teams.

The Venue

For this cluster of operations, we have been granted exclusive use of 4 aircraft in various locations.  This offers incredible environments for completely immersive simulations involving various extras, emergency services and dog teams.