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2010 - 2019


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Date: May, July - Dates TBC

Location: Bournemouth & Leicester

Duration: 0800hrs Sat - 1300hrs Sun

Hosted:   Contact Front

Operational Overview

Operation Ice Arrow focuses of skill sets relevant to Counter Terrorism and Aviation Interception.  Day 1 will see candidates train in a number of disciplines on a Boeing 737 in Bournemouth.  The culmination of this training will a real-time “live” op, where candidates will be taken to a situation unfolding on a Boeing 747.  This is a full size aircraft in an airside environment and not a cut down training aircraft.  The course will be responsible for the intel gathering/recce, all operational planning and assault phases on the aircraft.  The live op will last for around 8 hours throughout the night and will put candidates through their paces, allowing them to demonstrate skills learned during the training phase.  In that 8 hours, anything can happen.  Candidates will fulfil all necessary roles for this operation including: Snipers, Ops room, assault teams and POW handling/Yankee muster teams.

The Venue

For this cluster of operations, we have been granted exclusive use of 4 aircraft in various locations.  This offers incredible environments for completely immersive simulations involving various extras, emergency services and dog teams.