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Due February 2019

Snap brief


-Teams will take the role of long range patrols behind enemy lines-

-24 hour MILSIM 4-6 man fireteam tournament-

-Fireteam Vs Fireteam-

-Objectives every hour for 24 hours-

-Ultimate test of fieldcraft, cam, concealment and patrol skills-

-24 hours of combat in the field, followed by award presentation and beers-

-£80 Per person, includes 24 hour ration pack-

-Live Updates on Facebook will cover the event and team’s progress-

Winning team will receive permanent listing on the UK Fireteam Tournament Shield


Team Places: Operation RAZORBACK


This year, Contact Front will be giving Live Updates on teams progress throughout the event.  We aim to include team interviews before and after the event and in-game videos of the teams in action.  

Deposit of £20 per player to be paid in advance to be added to the list.  Mail info@contactfront.co.uk for details.  Places allocated as first-come-first-serve




Safety & Exercise Brief


Full kit muster & scrutineering


Teams deploy to the field






ENDEX, Stand down, R&R


Debrief, winners announced and Winter Warrior shield presented to winners


Drinks - R&R



4-6 players per team.  Teams with bigger squads may enter multiple teams but will be disqualified for any allegiances.


Mid or low cap magazines preferred, however we will allow one hi-cap.  Magazine limit per player is 8, but may be distributed among the team differently during the exercise.  


600 round limit per player.  This is to increase the strategic importance of ammo resup points during the exercise.   Ammo may be distributed among the team accordingly after scrutineering.

Specialist Weapons:

Support weapons: 1 support weapon is permitted per team.  MUST be an actual support weapon (M249, L86, M60).  Support weapon is permitted to have either 2 HI-cap magazines or  box mag, but it should be noted that mid-caps (if compatible) would be more in the spirit of the exercise.

Bolt actions: 1 bolt action rifle is permitted per team (500fps limit).  Specialist ammunition for this will be counted as part of your team’s quota.  

Pistols: Every player is entitled to carry a pistol as a side arm, with a 5 magazine limit.

Spare weapons: Players leaving theatre to the carpark for problems such as weapon malfunctions,  will not be allowed to return, so a spare weapon within the team is a good idea

Grenades: Players may carry as many grenades as they wish.  These are available to buy on the day.  TLSFX and Enola Gaye only.  BFGs, CO2 grenades and trip mines are permitted but must not  exceed a 9mm blank round.

RPGS, mortars and novelty items: Not permitted unless checked with CF DS.

Other Equipment:

Torches: Every team member must have a torch suitable to finding your way to triage points (dead zone).

Food: 24 hour ration pack is provided for you.  Please advise if you have any specialist dietary requirements.

Rig: Please ensure your kit is suitable to hold your rations, water and ammo for 24hours.  Players must have suitable fighting order (beltkit) that must house rations, water and ammo on you at all times.  Basha kit and extras should be carried in a bergen which we recommend one between two within your teams (buddy system).

Water: Ensure you have enough for 24hours.

Radio:  Teams must have radio of the standard VHF 8 Channel format.  This is for team safety.

Whistle:  Every player must have survival whistle for emergencies.


Each team will be issued with 24 or more c4 charges with a team callsign on.  Over the 24 hour period, there will be 24 plus demolition targets or strategic importance from comm sites, to bunkers.  Each target will only be open at a fixed time, for a fixed window of 20 minutes, and be worth varying points depending on the tactical vulnerability of the target.  To blow the target, your team must place their charge within the set window.  You may not remove other team’s charges.  The team with the most points at ENDEX will be declared the winner. No team has ever hit every objective…

Taking hits & Lines of Departure/Laying up Positions (Respawn):

Each team will have a unique start point.  Throughout the whole exercise, this will be your team’s Line of Departure where your casualties will return to and immediately re-infiltrate the exercise.  Your team must decide how you will RV with team members returning to the exercise.  If you do not plan this, players may not find their team again until ENDEX.  You may, for instance, decide to withdraw the whole team on taking 50% casualties to prevent losing each other.  Teams returning to the triage points, who spot other enemy, may not use that information to their advantage.  The nature of the small patrol/fireteam tournament IS that you are cut off, and likely to be engaged from any direction.  However, teams re-infiltrating the exercise area must deliberately avoid teams they have passed on their way out.  Failure to do this will result in points loss.  Team members are recommended not to travel alone at night and must have a torch on to show they are not in play. Also a whistle must be carried incase you get into dificulty.  


You also have the right to make specialist requests.  These are:

Special Requests:

Sierra Romeo 1: Ammo drop (near your location): - 40 points.

Sierra Romeo 2: Water drop (near your location): - 30 points

Sierra Romeo 3: Player resignation: If a player needs to drop out.

Sierra Romeo 4: Face to face with Directing Staff

Emergency Requests:

No-play 1: Medical emergency

No-play 2: Fire

Challenge Requests:

Challenge 1: Reports a challenge for hit taking of another team (followed by your position)

Challenge 2: Reports tactical triage use (followed by your position)

Rule Breaking:

Non hit taking: If witnessed by Directing Staff, teams must withdraw to triage, wait 2 hours re-insert at a cost of 80 points.

Arguing with Directing Staff on a decision:  Teams can appeal a decision after ENDEX, where it can be discussed and an agreement reached.  Arguing or debating a decision in the field will not be tolerated as it can grind the exercise to a halt.  Any disagreement or activity that can be construed as disruptive to the mission/experience will result the entire team being disqualified/binned.  No bun fights in the field.

Tactical triage use: Returning to the triage point as a team is  something you are entitled to do.  In re-inserting to the exercise you might well come in behind enemy teams.  This is acceptable so-long as it is not a direct result of sighting enemy positions on the way out, and using that intel to attack.  If you walk past a team on the way out, find another route back in or reach a gentlemen’s agreement.

Teams will be expected to muster their kit for inspection and scrutineering prior to deployment.


Teams should be under no illusion, as to how much strategy they must apply to win this tournament.  Teams must consider their “actions on” for almost everything, from ammunition conservation, which objectives to hit, lost comms procedure, lost team members procedure, eating in the field, how to use the LOD system best and what weapons to carry.  This event is likely to be grim due to the time of year and demand nothing less than 100% from candidates.  The winning team will certainly have earned it.




Weekend 1 : February





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