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2010 - 2019


Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 14th Oct 2018 - Bournemouth Airsoft Events Quick Reference Dates Don’t forget to book! Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 30th Sept 2018- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 28th  Oct 2018 - Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 11th Nov 2018- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday  25th  Nov 2018- Bournemouth

Site Rules

Environmental Policy

This site has a strict biodegradable ammo only policy.  This is available to buy and we welcome players to bring their own.  Spot checks may be carried out and we reserve the right to refuse the use of any ammunition we suspect to be non-biodegradable or repackaged.

Registration & Safety Briefing

All participants must sign in and receive a full safety brief before entering the exercise area.

Minimum Age of Participants: 12

Eye Protection

Eye protection must be worn at all times when partaking in the airsoft games.  This must be CE approved for airsoft use.

We strongly recommend full face protection due to the CQB nature of events.

If you choose to wear goggles or minimal eye protection, you do so at your own risk.  Sunglasses are unacceptable.

Players who remove their eye protection outside of designated areas will be excluded from gaming with no refunds.

FPS limits

350fps for AEGs

435fps for DMRs, physically redistricted to repetition only.

500fps for bolt action weapons (Outdoor use only.  Minimum engagement 30 metres)

Weapons are chronographed in the morning

If your AEG is 351 or higher you will not be permitted to use it

Areas of the site are designated single shot areas.  Automatic fire is not permitted in these areas and clear instruction will be given before using these areas.


Weapons Handling & Safety

CONTACT FRONT demands that players have 100% control of their weapon systems at all times.  Players are to ensure that weapons are never loaded when in safe zones and that weapons are never pointed at other (even in jest) outside of the simulations.  Regardless of whether you own the weapon. If the DS feel that you are a danger to other players, you will be withdrawn from the event.


Permitted brands of pyrotechnic are:

-Enola Gaye



No homemade pyrotechnic articles may be used under any circumstances, along with thunderflashes of higher grade than the mk 5.


Blank Firing Grenades may be used but must not exceed a 9mm round and MUST be thrown underarm and below head height.

Trip mines

Trip mines are permitted but must not exceed  a 9mm blank.

Remote Detonators

These may be used with a maximum of 1 gram electric detonated charges.  These must be laid at ground level and firer must have a line of sight at time of detonation.

TAG Rounds

These are not permitted at the site

40 Mikes

These are currently not permitted, subject to further information.


We take no responsibility for  security of vehicles left in carparks (even though personnel are usually

 close by).  We do not recommend any valuable or easily damaged items are taken onto the exercise area.

The Directing Staff

The directing staff run the site and all simulations. They are all friendly, approachable and are there

for your safety and keep the scenarios fair.  Some are in uniform and some fight beside you.

Their word is final, so STAY SAFE & STAY HONEST.  

Close Range Shooting

We do not permit excessive fully automatic fire at close range or deliberate aiming for the head at any range.  If you are within 5 metres of another player, you must keep rounds discharged to single shots and to the centre of mass, only.  Within 2 metres a “bang kill” rule is applicable.  Knife kill rules are used but only briefed when these are in use.

Medical Conditions

All medical conditions that may prevent you from participating safely must be brought to the  

attention of the directing staff before games commence.  Particularly asthma.

Other Points

We do not permit the use of shields.

Hit Taking

This woodland venue functions more as a members club that welcomes any one.  This is a game of honesty and we pride our reputation for exemplary sportsmanship and hit taking.  Individuals who attend and fail to play by the rules stand out very quickly.  If you are witnessed to not take a hit by DS, you will be asked to leave immediately without a refund and not permitted to return.

Drugs & Alcohol

If we suspect that an individual is under the influence of either of the above, they will not be permitted

to participate further in events or denied access to the site.

Verbal and Physical Abuse

Any physical or verbal abuse to directing staff or another customer will not be tolerated.  In this event,

you will be asked to leave or the police will be called.

“CONTACT FRONT provides small events for players that demand a professional training environment.  Players seen to be messing around and demonstrating dangerous or unsafe weapon handling will be withdrawn from events.  We would rather run an excellent event with 20 players, than an average event with 200.”