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2010 - 2019


Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 7th April 2019 - Bournemouth Airsoft Events Quick Reference Dates Don’t forget to book! Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 24th  MAR 2019- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 21st  APR 2019 - Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday 5th MAY 2019- Bournemouth Woodland & CQB walk-on Sunday  19th   MAY 2019- Bournemouth Walk-On Events 2017 Don’t forget to book!

At Contact Front, we run regular walk-on event days.  Every 2 weeks on Sundays, we put on event days where airsofters and newcomers can immerse themselves in detailed combat scenarios.  

Walk-on days are open to complete newcomers, who can hire all the equipment required, as well as experienced airsofters who are looking for a site that bridges the gap between airsoft and Milsim.

Location:     Contact Front, Wattons Lane, Matchams,                                 Ringwood, BH24 2DG

Safety Brief:            1000hrs

Arrival times:          0900hrs- 0950hrs

ENDEX:       1600hrs- 1630hrs (pending time of year &                                daylight).

Other notes:          Battery charging facilities, hot lunch and tea *

                              coffee available.